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Horseplay: Examples And Dangers

Horseplay is a common word in our workplaces; it is a term used to describe a fooling and foolish behaviour which often result to accident and injury.

The word horseplay dates back to the 1580’s. In the 16th century, “ Horse” was an adjective describing anything strong, big or coarse. Horseplay means a strong play. This is shown from From the way young horses play together; they chase each other up and down, play-fight, etc, which can often result in unintentional physical harm.


Examples Of Horseplay

  • Playfully splashing an excavator operator water while operating the equipment.
  • Using a vehicle to threaten a pedestrian
  • Jumping from height to test strength when a safe access has been provided.
  • Playing with a cutting machine when the power is on and its operational.
  • Playfully throwing a work tool on a fellow worker.
  • Playfully trying to recover a sharp object from someone else forcefully.
  • Using your hand to stop a rotating ceiling fan.
  • Threatening to push someone into a pit
  • Competing to jump over an excavation, etc.

The examples of horseplay are much, as it covers all foolish play which could result to harm.

Dangers Of Horseplay

Horseplay can result to several forms of accident depending on the pattern of the play.

  • Someone can be lacerated with a sharp object.
  • Someone can be pushed down and have a dislocation
  • Can result to fire if played naked flames or or electrical equipment.
  • Someone can get killed

Since the result of this act cannot be predicted, it is better avoided.


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