Health and safety expert ‘housebound’ after slipping on wet path on Caribbean hol


Charles Mckenzie, 56, was letting a waiter pass at Dominican Republic’s five star Sensatori Punta Cuna Azul resort, before he heard his back crack “like a bull whip”.

McKenzie, from Shipley – who has worked as a health and safety manager for 30 years – was enjoying his pearl anniversary treat with wife Dawn, but reported the hazardous walkways which were “slippy as oil” because his wife had banged her head before his terrible slip.

He said: “This was supposed to be our special anniversary – we can never get that back. It was ruined by poor basic health and safety.

“I warned them repeatedly about the risks but they just ignored me. It wasn’t just me, I met other people who had broken their arms and collar bones as well. TUI have been awful.

“My life is not the same. I have lost a year of my life over this now and there is no end in sight.”

He can no longer walk long distances or sleep properly due to the extreme pain, and docs warned if he has an operation he could become paraplegic.

But he became more horrified to notice clinic staff had used a dirty needle to put an IV drip in his arm.

Although his “old life is now gone”, he says he is able to work from home and has understanding employers.

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