Health and Safety Personnel: What have I done to make my workplace safer today?


 As a Health and Safety personnel you are saddled with the responsibility of protecting lives, properties, equipment, environments, reputations, business, etc.

Sometimes we fail to understand that our tasks are enormous and very important. This is one of the reasons some Health and Safety personnel take their responsibility lightly leading to failure.

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Let me shock you:

The task of protecting, sustaining and preserving life is not given to just anyone. It is only given to someone with interest, someone with zeal and someone with passion; this task is given on TRUST. Without these qualities, delivering on these responsibilities will be far from being achievable.

Now let us get back to the question of the day; as a Health and Safety Personnel being saddled with the responsibilities highlighted above; what have you done to make your workplace safer TODAY?

 I am being specific, that is why am using the word TODAY.

 Safety is a daily responsibility. No time to take leave from it, not time for complacency, no time for indifference. This is because accident happens in milliseconds, the little opportunity you give to complacency, indifference or leave from your important responsibility could be disastrous.

It is needful that every Health and Safety Personnel carry out self audit at the end of every day.

Ask yourself this question:


What have I done to make my workplace safer today?

 A sincere answer will guide you in the Health and Safety profession.

A sincere answer will make you understand if you are doing well or not.

If you are not doing well, further questions should be asked:


Why am I not doing well?

 Do I need more commitment?

Do I need mentorship?

Do I need more training?


This pattern of self audit will make you a better professional and a better person.

Take self audit today; ask yourself that important question today (What have I done to make my workplace safer today?), then watch how you will excel to an enviable height in the near future.

Wake up TODAY so that you will not betray the TRUST bestowed on you.



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