2 Major ways of enhancing hazard perception


Hazard perception is an act of being aware of a hazard through observation, it determines response. It can be said to be the way we see things.

If something is not perceived to be hazardous, there will be no response accompanying the act, situation or condition.

A good level of hazard perception is required of a Health and Safety Professional and workers. This is what helps in hazard identification.

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We know quite well that hazard identification is the first step in hazard/risk management process.


How to enhance hazard perception

1. Training:

This can be made possible by training. This training could be induction training, Job specific, Toolbox talks, Pep talks, Pre-task brief, etc.

All the above stated adopts different pattern to communicate. Some are just briefs while others are in-depth. In this training process, information is communicated orally, life experiences shared, video clips watched; all these helps enhance awareness and change some negative perceptions.


2. Experience

Another way of enhancing hazard perception is through experience. It has been proven that perception also develops with time. The longer the time spent on a particular task and in a particular environment, the more the awareness of the environment and the task involved in.

During this time, the worker must have heard, seen or even experience something’s. This will really shape perception

He will see things differently. Things he normally would have ignored, he will not. He will spot more hazards because of information and experience.


In summary, the level of hazard perception is based majorly on information and experience. To enhance perception, pay much attention to workforce development through training and also favour experience as much as its realistic during your employment process.


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