H2S Technician in United States (Oil & Gas jobs)

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Expiry Date: 5 Feb 2017

Job Reference: 16-0553

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Total Safety, the leading global outsourced provider of integrated safety and compliance solutions and products, is looking for H2S Safety Technicians who are typically the senior Total Safety U.S., Inc. representative assigned to a land or offshore based drilling rig or production platforms, where there is a potential for, or an anticipated release of, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas, during the course of drilling and/or production operations. Under these conditions, a regulatory, mandated requirement has been satisfied whereby an H2S Detection System and Air Breathing Safety Equipment Installation have been completed. An H2S Safety Technician is thereby required to man the facility and provide 24 hour coverage of operating and maintaining these systems and provide concurrent responsibility for training ALL rig and service personnel on H2S Awareness, Operation of Safety Equipment, and Emergency Response Procedures. To fulfill these requirements, the H2S Safety Technicians duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES

•Familiarize and remain cognizant of all drilling activities which could produce an H2S release; i.e., well kicks, bottoms up circulation, coring operations, well testing/logging, abnormal well conditions, etc…..!
•Check H2S Detection System for proper operation and perform H2S calibration checks once every 24hour period and every 12 hours once H2S has been detected. Recalibrate sensors, as required, and record that sensor checks and calibrations were conducted in the Drilling Contractors IADC Log.
•Maintain daily contact with Company Man, reporting on status of equipment readiness, maintenance performed, and drills or training completed that day.
•Conduct H2S Awareness and Safety Equipment Training for all new personnel, (who do not hold current TSI Certification Cards), arriving on the rig. Training and safety equipment orientation must be conducted within 24 hours of arrival.
•Insure all 5 minute and/or 10 minute SCBAs are functional and fully charged.
•Insure that all Cascade Air Banks are charged, on-line, and capable of recharging SCBAs. Check system for signs of air leaks. Insure operability of both Electric and Diesel Air Compressors.
•During activities that have a potential for an H2S release, provide continuous monitoring with H2S Mini Check Monitors and/or Detector Tubes.
•Maintain communication with the Mud Engineer to insure that Sulfide analysis is being performed on the mud flow-line. The Mud Engineer can often provide a precursor of information on a pending H2S gas release.
•Maintain a running inventory of location and availability of all Safety Equipment. Maintain ongoing efforts to keep equipment clean.
•Be prepared to assess the presence of H2S and SO2 if the Gas Flare is ignited.
•Complete a Daily Report Log entry on each days activities.
•Conduct Weekly H2S Drills. An H2S Drill must be conducted within 24 hours of a crew change and every 7 days thereafter during the course of their shift. Critique, Grade the Drill, and provide comments and recommendations for areas requiring improvement to the Company Man. If the Drill was found to be unsatisfactory, immediate corrective action is required with a follow-up drill conducted within 24 hours.
•Perform visual checks of all SCBA Units, O2 Resuscitators, and clean and sanitize respirator masks as needed. Insure units are properly stored for emergency donning access. Record results on the SCBA Inspection Report Form contained in the carrying case.
•Perform Weekly Air Compressor & Air Cascade Air Quality Checks. Insure all entries have been made on the Breathing Air Compressor Operating Log for weekly operating and service activities.
•Insure proper operation of all Alarm Stations. This can be accomplished in conjunction with the conduct of the Weekly H2S Drill.
•Review daily and weekly documentation requirements to insure all forms are current, accurate, and completely filled in. Store all forms for retention in their proper storage location.

•Conduct Functional Checks of all SCBA equipment. Record results on the SCBA Inspection Record Card contained in each carrying case. Check O2 Resuscitators and sanitize respirator masks as needed.
•Insure that any maintenance with regard to Air Compressor operations has been accomplished; i.e., air purification cartridge changes, oil changes, and other filter changes as may be needed.
•Perform inspections and functional checks of Safety equipment installed on attending crew or workboats.

Emergency Response Duties:
•In the case of an H2S release, be prepared to don SCBA equipment and perform continuous H2S monitoring until the release is stopped or the order to evacuate has been announced.
•Monitor and determine size and scope of the H2S plume and provide recommendations, based upon monitored conditions, to the Company Man so that proper course of actions can be taken to protect rig personnel from an H2S exposure.
•Insure that all Air Breathing System Cascade Stations are placed fully on-line to provide an adequate quantity of Breathing Air to the Primary and/or Secondary Briefing Areas. Insure the same is done for other cascade stations.
•Remain in constant communication with the Company Man as a source of information and advice.
•Perform duties to assist Production Supervisor, Shop Foreman-Air Services as directed.
•Perform inspection, cleaning, servicing, reassembling and testing of shop equipment; SCBAS, manifolds, regulators & hoses.
•Assist with pulling equipment for jobs.
•Continuously strive to upgrade skills and capabilities, to be able to handle new assignments and responsibilities consistent with company needs.

Additional Duties & Responsibilities:
•Perform as a Lead H2S Safety Technician in conducting an H2S Detection System and Air Breathing Safety equipment Installation. Perform all equipment installation, operational checks, and system calibrations. Conduct crew Training for H2S Awareness, Emergency Response Procedures, and proper SCBA use and donning procedures.
•Perform H2S installation rig-downs.
•Be knowledgeable of information pertaining to operating in an H2S environment as contained in the attached list of references.
•Perform other duties as directed by the Manager, Field Services Air.
• Operates, monitors, maintains and performs calibration checks on H2S Detection Systems and Air Breathing Safety Equipment at a land or offshore based drilling rig or production platform where there is a potential for an anticipated release of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas. Recalibrates sensors as required and records in IADC log as required.
• During activities that have potential for a release, provides continuous monitoring with H2S mini-check/ multi-gas monitors and/or detector tubes adhering to proper procedures. Maintains daily contact with the Company Rep and reports on equipment readiness, maintenance performed and drills or training completed that day.
• Be prepared to assess the presence of H2S or SO2 if the gas flare is ignited.
• Monitors and determines the size and scope of the H2S plume using the buddy system. Provide recommendations to the Company Rep so that the proper course of action can be taken to protect personnel from H2S exposure.
• Completes all Total Safety and Customer documentation associated with assigned tasks in a timely and accurate manner.
• This includes all inspection and repair documents, job cost billable expenses and time sheets.
• Conducts detailed visual inspections and system functional tests of various systems and equipment for the purpose of reporting any deficiencies and corrective action recommendations to customer.
• Conducts H2S Awareness, Safety Equipment and Emergency Response procedures for all rig and service personnel (who do not hold current TS Certification Cards). Conducts H2S drills, critiques and grades the drill and recommends improvements.
• Ensures that all Cascade Air Banks are charged and online. Ensures that all 5, 10 and/or 30 minutes SCBAs (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) are functional and fully charged. Performs scheduled air quality checks.
• Ensures operability of both Electric & Diesel Air Compressors. Ensures that proper maintenance including air purification cartridge changes, oil changes and other filter changes have been performed and documented.
• Assists others in facility with inspection, cleaning, servicing, reassembling and testing shop equipment, SCBAs, manifolds, regulators and hoses.
• May stock shelves with clean, tested and ready to use equipment and pull, stage and load equipment for jobs.
• Maintains work area and other areas in a clean and orderly condition.
• Maintains ongoing effort to keep equipment clean and respiration masks sanitized. Maintains running inventory of location and availability of safety equipment.
• Performs basic maintenance and care of assigned vehicle and/or trailer.
• Be willing travel to customers site and available for travel for short and long-term out-of-town or offshore projects.
• Must demonstrate ability to work in a team environment and willingness to assume additional or new responsibilities readily
Education & Experience:
•High School diploma or general education degree (GED); or one to three months related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Two or more years of college preferred.
•Preferred 5 years experience as a land based or offshore H2S Technician
•Preferred 5 years experience with oil drilling rig operations
•Previous experience with the use of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)

•Completed H2S Training
•Completed SAFE GULF Training
•Completed Offshore Water Survival Training
•Completed Confined Space Entry Training
•Completed CPR Training
•Preferred to have completed First Aid Responder Training

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