How to choose a good Health and safety courses that will boost your chance of employment


How to choose a good Health and safety courses is one thing most health and safety professionals, mostly beginners miss out.

I had previously publish an article on the “Top 10 Health and Safety that will land you in a multinational company“. The article gave an insight on important Health and safety certifications.

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If you haven’t read the article, i will advice you to read it before coming back to read this article for better understanding.

One thing i will draw your attention to in the article is the fact that i classified the Health and Safety courses into two (2) groups; The fundamental courses and the supplementary courses.

I got in contact with a Health and Safety personnel, while going through his credentials, i came across a plethora of Health and Safety related certification. Certifications like confine space entry, basic first aid training, rig safety, oil and gas safety certificates and others.

To me the major safety certificate i saw was maritime safety training, the rest were supplementary courses.

I asked him why haven’t you enroll for NEBOSH IGC at least, he said i will.

I also ask him if he is a member of any Health and Safety organization, he said No.

This is someone who has been practicing Health and Safety since 2007, and he was complaining about his inability to get a job since leaving his last job.

Most Health and Safety professionals spend more time on the auxiliary courses instead of the fundamental courses. Am not saying that the auxiliary courses are not good, but they should just be a backup.

I always recommend that as a Health and safety personnel you should target the fundamental courses.

These courses include:

  • Health and Safety proficiency courses (Health and safety level 1,2 & 3)
  • NEBOSH diploma
  • OHSAS 18001 to be replaced by ISO 45001
  • Loss Prevention, etc.

To keep yourself employable, you need these fundamental courses to have a competitive advantage in the labour market.

If you need to boost your chance of getting employed, get certified with the fundamental courses.

Do not forget, luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Get yourself prepared then wait for opportunity.


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