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Gas Safety Certificate Cost (CP12 Cost)


How Much Does a Gas Safety Certificate Cost?

There is no fixed price for gas safety checks and certificates; the cost simply depends on the Gas Safe engineer you choose.

Gas Safety Certificate Cost can start from £35 and go up to more than £150, depending on how many gas appliances there are to check. You could expect the gas safety certificate costs to be around £60 for a gas safety check that would include one appliance (i.e. a gas boiler). The cost of the certificate will rise for each additional gas appliance in the property (a gas fire or hob, for instance).

If you live in rented accommodation, your landlord must arrange and pay the annual gas safety check cost.

If you live in your own home, you may qualify for a free annual gas safety check as long as you have not had a gas safety check in the last year and:

  • Are on certain benefits and you’re on a means-tested benefit
  • Live with others, at least one of whom is under five years old
  • Are of Pensionable Age, disabled or chronically sick and either
  • Live alone
  • Live with others who are all of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick, or under 18 years.


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About the Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)

CP12 is all about gas installation certification. In the UK, the gas installation certificate goes by a lot of different names; CP12 or Landlord Gas Safety certificate. CP12 is an abbreviation of CORGI Proforma 12.

Between 1991 and 2009, CORGI (Council for Registered Gas Installers) was operated as the official regulatory body for UK gas safety. However, on 1st April 2009, the Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI and the document adopted other more generic names, such as the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate and Gas Safety Record.


How do I get a gas safety certificate in London (UK)?

You can get a gas safety certificate or Gas Safety Record form by booking an appointment with a Gas Safe registered engineer.

They’ll do a visual check on all your gas appliances, and pipework that is accessible, to make sure they’re in good condition, and a test on the pipework to make sure there are no gas leaks.

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