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Fire Safety For Preschoolers

Fire safety for preschoolers is designed for children who are not yet of school age or is yet to start formal education.

Though they may not be up to school age, they are still exposed to fire risk at home and other areas; hence they should be taught simple and basic fire safety precautions.

In this article, we will briefly highlight some fire safety for preschoolers; this should be taught preschoolers (Kindergarten)

Fire Safety For Preschoolers

1. They should be shown what fire looks like and the danger of playing with it.

2. They should be instructed not to play with fire or even touch materials like electric sockets, coolers, matches, lighters, etc, and any other material that can generate fire or heat.

3. Explain to them what to do if they get in contact with any of these fire generating materials: They should tell a grown-up immediately; role-play with them in small groups about what to do when they find these types of materials.

4. Tell the children that some fires make lots of smoke, which is dangerous to breathe.

5. Show them what smoke looks like

6. Show them the safe way to respond when a room is filled with smoke – They should get down on their hands and knees, keep their head up, and crawl outside. This should be demonstrated for them to understand.

7. Ask the children to practice with you. Lead them in crawling across the room with their heads up. Repeat frequently to help children remember this important safety strategy.

8. Let them know what to do when their clothes catches fire:

  • Stop, cover your face, get down on the ground, and roll from side to side until the fire goes off.
  • Ask the preschoolers to practice with you a few times and then split them into pairs. Children can take turns demonstrating to their partners. Repeat frequently to help children learn to stop, drop, and roll automatically.


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