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10 Fire Safety For Kids Tips You Should Teach Your Kids

Fire safety for kids should be considered in every home. Kids are exploratory, they are innocent and with limited knowledge, hence they may do things which can result to fire emergency. This is why every parent should consider “Fire safety for kids”, by drawing out measures to prevent their kids from starting a fire and also guide them through the process of staying safe and how to escape during fire.

The U.S. Fire Administration, in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the American Academy of Pediatrics, NFPA, National SAFE KIDS Campaign and ZERO TO THREE, recommend three P’s of fire safety for children under five:

  • PREPARE – Reduce the risk of fires in your home by eliminating hazards.
  • PRACTICE – Practice a home fire evacuation plan and general fire safety practices.
  • PREVENT – The Unthinkable.


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At this point, I will highlight 10 very important fire safety tips you should teach your kids to either prevent fire, or survive in case of fire breakout.

  1. Let them understand the dangers of fire; you can tell them in a story form or put it in a song. Let them learn the song and sing with you, this will stick to their brain. They should understand that fire is not a toy; it is hot and it hurts.
  2. Teach toddlers and young kids to distance away from any common heat source in your home.
  3. Tell them never to pick up matches or lighters if found. Instead, tell an adult right away.
  4. Teach them what fire alarm is and what smoke is. Tell them what to do if the fire alarm goes off and if they see smoke coming out from any point.
  1. Teach them the Stop, Drop and Roll technique – Stop moving, lie down and roll if their clothing catches fire. You should demonstrate that for them to understand.
  2. Teach them not to walk upright in cases of fire, but should crawl through rooms and hallways to avoid smoke inhalation.
  3. Tell them to touch doors before opening – if the door is hot, they should not open it.
  4. Teach them never to re-enter the building for any reason after they are safely outside.
  5. Show them the escape route in case of fire. Turn it into a game to see how fast they can identify it, even if blindfolded.
  6. Let them know emergency numbers to call in case they are alone at home. Hence you have to provide emergency phone and paste emergency number close to it.


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As a parent you can ensure “fire safety for kids” by preventing your child from Starting Fires.

The U.S. Fire Administration estimates that 300 people are killed and $280 million in property is destroyed each year as the result of children playing with fire.


Here are tips for you as a parent:

  • Never leave your child attended around areas where fire hazard could be triggered – These areas may house any of the following, cooking stoves, candles, portable heaters, gas cookers, electric sockets or any other heat source.
  • Keep matches, lighters and other ignitable substances in a secured location out of your child’s reach. Only use lighters with child-resistant features.
  • Invest in flameless candles. These candles contain a light bulb rather than an open flame, and take the danger out of your child knocking over a candle.
  • Consider getting escape ladders for sleeping areas on the second or third floor. Let them learn how to use them.
  • Never allow the escape route to be littered with toys and other materials, always keep them clear.
  • Repeat the fire emergency plan with your kids at regular intervals.


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Ensure “Fire safety for kids”, you owe your kids this.

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