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Fire Protection For Server Rooms: 10 Server Room Fire Safety Requirements

While fire protection for server rooms seems like a daunting and complicated task, it’s actually quite simple once you know what to look for in your fire safety plan and how to determine the fire protection equipment requirements that apply to you. Here are some server room fire safety requirements that will help you protect against the risk of server room fires and the damage they can cause. 1. A battery-operated smoke alarm installed inside the server room; 2. A smoke alarm outside the server room to alert people in the event of an internal server room fire, etc.


Server Room Fire Safety Requirements

These are some major requirements needed to protect your server room from fire, and also reduce damage in case of any fire incident.

1. A fire suppression system is a must for any server room. The cost of a suppression system will vary depending on the size and complexity of your server room.

2. Use FM 200 as it is the most common type of fire suppression system used in server rooms. This type of system uses a chemical agent to extinguish fires.

3. A less expensive fire suppression system, such as a water-based system may be just okay for a smaller server rooms.

NOTE: Water-based systems are typically not as effective against certain types of fires and can be difficult to clean up after use. Not recommended for server room.

4. All server rooms should have access points for emergency personnel in case of a fire or other disaster that requires evacuation.

5. There should also be an external alarm installed so people outside the building know there is a problem inside and can alert others to stay away from the area until it has been contained.

Lets talk about some other fire safety requirements for a server room.



  • Fire Protection and Detection Equipment

Your server room is a critical part of your business, and protecting it from fire should be a top priority. Some importants fire protection and detection equipment should be installed in the server room, some of these equipments are:

1. Smoke detectors
2. A fire suppression system
3. Dry Chemical (ABC) sprinklers for small fires
4. Multiple power sources that allow power to continue even if one source fails
5. Fire Alarm
6. Barrier Doors & Windows
7. Fire Resistant walls, etc.

Above are some fire protection and detection equipment that should be installed within our outside the server room as required.


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  • Structural Integrity, Smoke Barrier Doors and Windows

You need to make sure your server room has smoke barrier doors and windows to protect against smoke and heat damage. Fire protection doors and windows play a key role in preventive fire protection. The key task of self-closing doors and windows is to prevent fire from breaching openings in fire-retardant or fire-resistant walls. It is critical for doors to close reliably in the event of a fire.

How long a fire protection door remains fire resistant depends on its fire resistance class.


  • Clearance from Combustibles

Another most important things to consider in a server room is clearance from combustibles. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires a minimum of 3 feet of clearance from the top of the server rack to the ceiling and 18 inches of clearance from the sides and back of the rack. If you have less than 3 feet of clearance, you willl need to install a fire suppression system that is specifically designed for low-clearance applications.

It is also a good idea to install any data, telecommunications and power cables before you install your rack. This allows you to carefully plan where cables enter and exit your rack. It also helps keep them organized and protected from damage as you move furniture around for server installation or cable management. If you have a separate cable management room that is ventilated, you may be able to run cables through it at an angle so they clear the vertical space available in your server room.


  • Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs

Your server room should have an emergency lighting and exit sign system that is fully operational and compliant with local fire codes. This system should be tested monthly to ensure that it is working properly. In the event of a power outage, the emergency lighting system will provide illumination for you and your employees to safely evacuate the premises. The exit signs should be clearly visible and lit so that everyone can find their way out quickly and safely.

Because fire codes require a certain number of exterior doors to remain unlocked at all times in case of an emergency, you will need to install panic bars on any interior doors that have keyed entry locks. Panic bars are a special type of door hardware that releases when pushed down, so anyone can open them from either side of a door. You should never use panic bars on exit doors; however, as they are only intended for non-exit doors.


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  • Housekeeping, Waste Disposal & Hazardous Materials

Take note of these Housekeeping, Waste Disposal & Hazardous Materials tips;

1. Keep your server room clean and tidy at all times. This will help prevent fires from starting in the first place.

2. Make sure to dispose of all waste properly. Do not leave any paper or other flammable materials lying around.

3. Do not store any hazardous materials in your server room. This includes things like gasoline, cleaning supplies, and paint thinners.

4. Install a fire suppression system in your server room.

5. Use fire resistant cabling, racks and other equipment whenever possible.

6. Keep fire extinguishers nearby.

7. Make sure your fire extinguishers are regularly inspected and properly maintained.


Small Server Room Fire Suppression

A less expensive fire suppression system, such as a water-based system may be just okay for a smaller server rooms.

Small server rooms usually do not require a more expensive FM 200 fire suppression system, which requires a high concentration of inert gas. Smaller server rooms can rely on water-based systems like portable extinguishers and hose kits to put out fires as they happen. More expensive FM 200 fire suppression systems are often used in larger or commercial server rooms, because the area is larger than most small server rooms. The cost of these types of fire suppression systems is much higher than water-based ones, but they are worth it if the room contains sensitive electronics or has materials that are combustible.

However, fire suppression systems do not have to be very expensive or complicated. Some of them simply use a detection system, which will sound an alarm as soon as smoke is detected and contain fires from spreading until fire crews arrive. There are some server rooms that can rely on simple sprinkler systems, hoses and extinguishers because they are well-protected. The most important part of a small server room fire suppression system is that it covers all possible ways for a fire to start and will prevent any damage from occurring at all.

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Fm 200 Fire Suppression System For Server Room

The installation of an FM 200 fire suppression system is a great way to protect your server room from fires. Not only will this system help to extinguish a fire quickly, but it will also help to prevent damage to your equipment. Here are 10 requirements for installing an FM 200 fire suppression system in your server room:

1. The system must be installed by a qualified technician.
2. The system must be properly maintained.
3. All electrical equipment must be installed properly to ensure it will not cause damage to any part of your system.
4. All cables must be carefully routed so that they do not interfere with air flow or block access to any equipment.
5. The system must be stored and installed in a way that will prevent it from being damaged.
6. The system must be serviced on a regular basis.
7. It must be installed in accordance with all relevant local, state and federal regulations.
8. Each piece of equipment must be installed in a way that ensures it can only be accessed by authorized individuals.
9. The system must be installed in a location that is easily accessible to emergency services personnel.
10. The system must be used as instructed by manufacturers.

The FM 200 fire suppression system for server rooms helps to protect your equipment from damage and is especially useful when there is a risk of liquids leaking inside your room.



Fire Suppression System For Server Room Cost

A fire suppression system is a must for any server room. The cost of such a system depends on the size and needs of your specific room. But, in general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 for a small server room fire suppression system.

When there is fire breakout in your server room, the last thing you want is for it to spread to other parts of your building, this is why your server room needs to be equipped with systems and measures that will keep both your staff and equipment safe from harm.

One way to keep your staff and equipment safe from harm is through installation of fire suppression equipment, like sprinklers. Sprinkler systems are the most common fire safety measure installed in a server room. It is also one of the most effective means available to control fire growth and limit damage caused by fire. Installation of this system costs about $1,200 – $1,500 per square foot. While these prices may seem high, when you take into account the many years they will protect your investments, they’re well worth it.

Another important safety measure that should be present in your server room is an automatic fire alarm system. This can include sprinklers, heat sensors, smoke detectors, and more. These systems cost approximately $1,000 – $1,200 to install. However, they are invaluable in alerting people to a fire or a potential fire in their area of ​​the building. With these alarms installed in your server room you can be alerted of a potential problem before it becomes too late to act on it.

We recommend having at least two fire extinguishers in your server room as well. Again, the cost of each fire extinguisher varies depending on what kind you buy and how large your space is. We recommend buying two Kidde fire extinguishers which come with built-in emergency lights. If a fire does break out, chances are that no one will be able to see where it’s coming from if all lights have been extinguished!

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