Fire Chief and Emergency Preparedness Leader in Thailand


Fire Chief and Emergency Preparedness Leader in Thailand

Location:  Chon Buri, 20, TH
Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Role Responsibilities

  • Lead the team of Shift Fire Chief and Security’s field operations including contractors
  • Coordinate with designated Shift Manager to develop consolidated annual emergency handling practices including shift team simulations and yearly plant-wide drills
  • Perform stewardship of execution of Emergency Preparedness (EP) and Security programs (field operations), plans and awareness communications with clear guidance to ensure timliness and high quality works
  • Coordinate with Area Owner and Maintenance Section to perform necessary preventive maintenance tasks and break-down mechanical responses to maintain refinery fire protection facilities, portable emergency equipment and security features
  • Ensure all Fire Fighting and Emergency System are maintained to the related standard (NFPA) and local regulations
  • Provide  EP & Security (field operations) inputs and statistics for local / regional / global stewardship reports / reviews
  • Manage field verification & measurement activities following pre-determined control calendar to verify the level of compliance to EP & Security (field operations) requirements
  • Monitor and analyze EP & Security field operations for compliance with relevant laws and regulations including timely reporting and corresponding closure of deviations
  • Coordinate with all concerned to ensure that site personnel are essentially trained on respective EP for their jobs
  • Provide inputs for career development, absenteeism, overtime, and training taking into account inputs from Knowledgeable Others in performance assessments of Shift Fire Chiefs, Fire Fighting Specialist
  • Act as Site Administrator to drive for sustainably continuous improvement of site compliance to EP and oil spill response laws and standards
  • Act on any other activities, tasks, exercises, programs, etc. as assigned by immediate supervisor


Required skills and knowledge:

Sky Scrapper
  • Bachelor degree in any fields
  • Preferably, 7 years of experiences in Petroleum / Chemical process and / or mechanical operations
  • Being certified as Fire Fighting Instructor in association with approved site Fire Training School and registration with Chonburi Labor Office / Ministry of Labor
  • Working knowledge of safety / health / industrial hygiene / environment / fire prevention / security / legal / NFPA requirements
  • Working level of communication, interpersonal and coordination skills
  • Fair English for both writing and speaking


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