HSE JOBS: Environmental Advisor Shell Oil and Gas Singapore


Environmental Advisor Shell Oil and Gas Singapore

Job Title: Environmental Advisor

Job ID: 57610BR

Responsive Links

Location: Singapore

Work Location: Singapore Seraya

Deadline: 15-Sep-2017


Job Description

To support HSSE Manager and the Environmental Lead in ensuring compliance with the legal regulatory framework and Shell environmental requirement and continually improving Shell Jurong Island HSSE performance and environmental awareness at the workplace.


  1. Site focal point for environmental monitoring program such as soil and ground water monitoring, environmental emission and leak detection and analysis. Responsible to plan and coordinate environmental monitoring as per local legal and Shell requirements. Analyse and interpret the results for effective mitigation measure (if required) and risk based environmental monitoring without compromising with local legal and Shell requirements.
  2. Responsible for monitoring day to day site environmental performance and initiate task force to address potential environmental non compliance or non compliance or public complaint. Engage relevant government agency and relevant external stakeholder in a well controlled manner without jeopardizing the reputation of Shell.
  3. Assess and investigate environmental non compliance incident, public complaint and environmental near misses. Provide advice to prevent recurrence when appropriate. Communicate to relevant staffs and contractors for learning from incident.
  4. Site focal point for Shell Jurong Island’s operational permits / licenses. Responsible to ensure the operational permits / licenses are appropriate and timely renewed.
  5. Support Environmental Lead as site focal point for waste management. Responsible to ensure waste management practices meet local legal and Shell requirements. Provide advise / support for staffs and contractors in waste disposal practices. Ensure accurate and timely waste disposal reporting to the local environmental agency.
  6. Budget holder for site environmental related expenditure e.g. waste disposal, environmental monitoring etc. Responsible to environmental expenditure budgeting and ensure appropriate and wise environmental related spending.
  7. Site focal point for performance, measurement and reporting to Shell Group and the local environmental agency. Responsible to plan, coordinate and gather relevant data for submission to group. Check and verify to the data is accurate.
  8. Site focal point for product stewardship. Work closely with the cost and procurement department to ensure correct chemical hazard communication or labelling and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) used at site. Responsible to ensure the SDS for chemicals used at site is posted on site’s web and kept up to date.
  9. Work closely with technologies and operation folks to develop and implement business improvement plan for executing Shell global environmental initiatives and SJI environmental control programs. Provide advice on the legal requirement.
  10. Participate and act as the secretary for non-process HSSE area committee. Liaise with key stakeholders for the findings and ensure all action items are closed within the agreed timeline.
  11. Support HSSE manager in maintaining compliance to legal requirement and Shell requirement and improving the site’s HSSE management system and safety culture at workplace; through participating or contributing in various HSSE activities / program such as HSSE campaign, HSSE training, internal and external HSSE audit / certifications, HSSE procedures reviews, HSSE data / reporting, business improvement plans etc.
  12. Act as the backup role to other HSSE staffs in the event of absence. Detail of backup role may change from year to year.
  13. Any other works instructed by the HSSE Manager/Environmental Lead.




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