Dog Waste Becoming a Health and Safety Problem on North Shore

Dog Waste Becoming a Health and Safety Problem

Read As I quote:

There is a huge health and safety problem that needs to be addressed and resolved with the help of all citizens, and, finally, the will of the councils of the city and district of North Vancouver.

The problem: The indiscriminate and careless pooping and peeing by dogs on public and private property, as directed by dog owners. Notice the emphasis is on dog OWNERS.

Those loving, kind, happy, and obedient dogs do what they are trained/allowed to do, so please do not blame them.

On the south side of 14th Street, beside the RCMP Building, is a wonderful small grass park/plaza. That space is designated in honour of Stella Jo Dean and her remarkable life in serving the city and people of North Vancouver.

The First Nations people prepared and installed a special totem pole to remind all citizens of their energy and reconciliation.

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Consider this park/plaza a sacred and respectful place. Children play and roll on the grass, and many hospital and other workers sit and lie on the grass. Others just use the area for quiet enjoyment.

However, there is a BIG PROBLEM caused by dog OWNERS!

The dog owners/handlers use this sacred and dedicated area as a place for their animals to pee and poop indiscriminately!

Around the park are the City of North Vancouver signs stating “Dogs Prohibited!”

Many neighbours who use the park have pointed out the “Dogs Prohibited” signs to those dog owners who use the park as an animal toilet.

The response from dog owners is either an expletive, or “mind your own business,” or both. Or, an “I did not see the signs.”

The problem is that the dog’s urine kills the grass and destroys any other object that gets peed upon and feces can cling to people’s garments, skin, etc.

The feces left on the grass is then rolled upon, sat in, or laid upon by the users unaware of the dog poop and pee residue. This is a definite health and safety issue for humans.

The continuous violations and creation of health and safety issues have been known to the City of North Vancouver council and its responsible departments for years, but for some unexplained reason, they are constipated to act to protect the people, by enforcing the prohibition and fining violators.

It is interesting to note the response from dog owners when we suggested they train their animals to pee and poop in their home, or on their property, or in their car, and not on private or public property.

Most people just gasped as if we had suggested something vile, instead of a reasonable solution to serious health and safety issues from indiscriminate pooping and peeing not being stopped by the people with the authority to do so.

Many dog owners lift their dogs into the flower beds to poop and pee right beside the sign that says not to!

The City of North Vancouver Garden/parks workers have to kneel in that poop and pee.

Think about the poop left on the ground/grass that dries and is now wind-blown, and everyone must breathe.

I am surprised that the city and district workers union, CUPE, has not filed a grievance with the city/district for not protecting their workers with PPE. etc.

Dave Brewer
North Vancouver