What is Digital Food Safety Management System and Apps

Digital Food Safety management System

The customers’ health and the restaurant owner’s wealth are both determined by the quality of the food. The Digital Food Safety management system is revolutionary in the culinary services industry, but it is also the most important change the brand needs to make to stay ahead of the competition and maintain its good reputation.

Since food is the fundamental component of the restaurant industry, one must first ensure its safety. Any minor oversight in food safety supervision can instantly damage the owner’s reputation, making them the next day’s headlines in a local media outlet, and nobody would take the risk. Doing this manually is not all that effective, hence the need for digital food safety management system application.


What Is Digital Food Safety Management System Application?

A food safety application is a digital tool that gives you a powerful mobile solution that shows you how to keep food safe and documents your actions. Professionals and home cooks alike can use it to ensure the safety of their meals, kitchen, and cooking. A food safety app can take many different forms and cater to a variety of requirements. It is also known as food safety audit software and food safety software.

To further explain, it is a multi-sensory, integrated software system designed to oversee the entire Food Safety process, from the field or shop to the kitchen store. The entire procedure is based on fundamental management principles for food safety. A mobile, tablet, and laptop application is used to monitor everything. There is no need to bother with frequent trips to the kitchen store. Its artificial intelligence system keeps an eye on things and gives feedback to the owner, who can not be at the restaurant. The owner is informed of any discrepancy and provided with the appropriate options for correction.

You can not ignore efficiency in any way if you want the business to grow more quickly. Before serving the customers, you must ensure that everything is adequately secured. With the applications, the following are assured:

  • Accuracy

Now, imagine if a fully automated system maintained the entire process with 100 percent accuracy and provided real-time feedback and corrective measurement to prevent damage. Everyone will undoubtedly want to experience the difference. This is where the Digital Food Safety system comes into its own. It can function flawlessly 24 hours a day, seven days a week without getting tired or failing to provide accurate information regarding food safety compliance.

  • 100% Operational efficiency

This is the standard for digital food safety operations. Before it is too late, you are alarmed. Consequently, you are able to guarantee a great level of food safety. As a result, there is less waste of materials.

  • Increase profits by reducing waste
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Certainly, cost reduction is proportional to waste reduction. It also saves money on investments that are not needed. If you are going to rely on employees to manually record and report to you during the manual food safety process, resources could be wasted. Information is digitally recorded and reported to the owner by the Digital Food Safety System whenever and wherever it is required. Therefore, it may not be necessary to designate employees for that purpose.

  • With corrective actions, there is no chance of health hazards

It helps to avoid any health risks caused by food contamination. This system automatically begins working in accordance with the food safety guidelines after the data from the digital food checklist have been recorded. Data on food items is continuously stored in dedicated temperature logs. As part of a preventive maintenance plan, it is always aware of slight fluctuations in food temperature and alerts you to them.

  • Safeguards the taste’s integrity

It is unavoidable to guarantee the food’s true flavor. Digital Food Safety operates without compromise in this instance. Hybrid Penn-connected instruments are used to precisely determine the temperature an item needs to reach before it loses its delicate flavor. Digital food safety makes full use of the potential of food.

  • Adaptability and simplicity

The system as a whole is simple to use and learn. The system can be operated with a fingertip after it has been installed. All of the information that can be easily understood is laid out in the manual as well as in the audio and video guides. In addition, the system provides experts for installation and online solutions round-the-clock.

These and many more can be achieved with digital food safety management system application.


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Digital Food Safety Management System Applications

  1. Foodkeeper App: This app is a free software for managing food safety. It was developed by Cornell University, the Food Marketing Institute, the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the United Kingdom. The goal of the software’s development was to encourage improved US practices for managing food waste as well as food keeping and safety. This app offers advice on how to store various food and drink items, cooking tips, and a tracking system to remember expiration dates to assist homemakers and food inventory managers.


  • Voice or swipe-based app searches
  • Meat, seafood, and poultry cooking tips
  • Virtual assistance provided by the app’s visual representative, “Ask Karen” Homemakers and professionals alike learning proper food storage techniques.
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Pricing: Free for iOS and Android users.


  1. Safefood: This app places a greater emphasis on management and compliance. Users can monitor every aspect of their food production processes with Safefood 360°, including dealing with suppliers, inventory quality, pest control schedules, and more. Additionally, this food safety app can assist with the upkeep of a Preventive Control Plan (PCP) and ensuring compliance with various food safety standards like HACCP.


  • Built-in modules for food safety standard compliance
  • Customizable alerts for nonconformance
  • Dedicated features for tracking approved suppliers and the entire supply chain process

Best for: Enterprises.

Pricing: Based on the requirements of the organization.


  1. Leafe: this is a food hygiene app. It aims to increase kitchen safety and hygiene. Using Leafe’s digital checklists and documents on maintaining good hygiene, the proper hygiene practices and standards to adhere to, and how to do it, kitchen managers can use the app to onboard new employees and orient them to going paperless.


  • Built-in food inventory tool
  • Guides on how to remain compliant with HACCP and local government regulations
  • Professional assistance in implementing food safety and hygiene practices
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Dedicated features to assist in recording and managing the temperatures of food and refrigerators. Managers of kitchens who want to eliminate all paper work.

Pricing: For the first 14 days, free. Monthly fees for paid plans start at £10 per venue.


  1. Smart Foodstuff: This is an app for home-based food safety that helps people manage their smart food containers’ food inventory. Their food containers have sensors built in to make sure only fresh food is cooked and eaten, and graphs show the results.


  • Wireless containers
  • Data from the container shows the overall nutritional value of the food inside
  • Containers can sense if the Viable But Not Culturable (VBNC) bacterium pathogens in the food inside have become dangerous Homemakers and individuals who transport small quantities of food to various locations.

Pricing: Monthly fees start at $14.99.


  1. Controlant: This is a food safety app in addition to being a cold chain solution software. By using automation to control and monitor food’s temperature and conditions during transport, Controlant aims to prevent food spoilage.


  • Can be used for land, air, and sea transportation
  • Can also help identify waste sources and reduce them
  • Can track data in real time on mobile and the web
  • Is cloud-based transferring foodstuffs over extended distances.

Pricing: Based on the requirements of the organization.


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  1. Chomp: Chefs can use the food safety app with the dedicated sections of the app for recording refrigerator temperatures, cleaning and maintenance schedules, pest control, and receiving goods for inventory management, they can log important work-related data. A live audit reporting feature in Chomp can also be shared with other members of the team.


  • Real-time audit changes
  • Food safety modules included in the app
  • Staff management and training tracking available chefs who work in big kitchens.

Pricing: Costs $75 per month to start.


  1. RiskLimiter: RiskLimiter is primarily a food safety audit software that records accidents and hygiene practices in addition to tracking food temperature and conditions.


  • Allows voice data entry and photo attachments to incident reports
  • Supports temperature sensors from third parties
  • Own company sensors can record temperatures at any interval risk management in the kitchen.

Pricing: Based on the requirements of the organization.


  1. ELPRO: this is a cold chain, room, and equipment monitoring software that caters to a wide range of monitoring requirements in the food and healthcare sectors. ELPRO provides temperature and humidity monitoring data loggers as a food safety app to monitor the temperature and humidity of food products in transit and ensure that they are kept within safe consumption standards.


  • Real-time data loggers are available; depending on the data logger, mobile support is available
  • Data loggers comply with FDA standards

Best for: Keeping an eye on the temperature and humidity of food in transit.

Pricing: The needs of the organization will determine pricing. On the other hand, the ELPRO Cloud Starter Kit comes with a voucher for a year’s free use of the monitoring system.


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  1. EdApp by SafetyCulture: This is a dependable food safety app as it has a learning management system which includes numerous lessons on food safety. EdApp’s courses on food safety cover hazards, food contamination, and food hygiene standards.


  • Courses that can be easily customized to meet the needs of a company
  • Integration with tools like Canva, BambooHR, and Zapier
  • The ability to schedule spaced repetitions of courses so that you can always learn new things
  • AI translation support anyone who is a professional or a homemaker and wants to know more about food safety.

Pricing: There is a limited-featured free plan. Monthly fees for paid plans start at $1.95 per user.

  1. FoodDocs: this app makes it easy for you to create and maintain food safety management systems. In just 15 minutes, you can switch to digital food safety.

The app supports Android, iPad, iPhone.


  • Chat
  • FAQs/Forum
  • Email/Help Desk
  • 24/7 (live Rep)

Pricing: Starting from $99.00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free trail: Available.


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