Toolbox Talk: Create a defensive line


A defensive line is your protective line; it is what separates you from risks you are being exposed to.

As you take up your daily task, there are lots of hazards around and risks which accompanies it. For you to work safely, you need to create a defensive line; a line of security for yourself.

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Defensive line comes in two forms:

  • Physical
  • Virtual

The physical defensive line is the physical measures you put in place to control risks which you are being exposed to. It includes:

  • Your hard barricade to segregate traffic from your work area
  • A slope, step or shore in your excavation to prevent cave-in
  • Gas testing in a confine space to prevent explosion
  • Fall arrest system/Body harnesses to prevent fall from height
  • condoning of areas where over-head welding is going on.
  • Our PPE’s (Personal protective systems) which is said to be our last line of defense, etc.

The virtual defensive line include non-physical measures put in place to control same risks. The virtual measures include:

  • Good hazard/risk awareness achieved through training
  • Good job planning and task communication
  • Organizational welfare
  • Clear and functional line of communication
  • Adequate ergonomic assessment and implementation, etc.

Both the physical and virtual defense line are necessary to ensure safe task completion at all times.

It is needful that all necessary defense line is in place before commencement of any task.

Note that defensive line can be set a group or as an individual; hence adequate hazard awareness is very important among all employees. Every worker should be aware of the hazard they are exposed to in their different field.

They can only tackle what they know. A good knowledge of the hazard they are being exposed to will result to creating adequate and functional defensive line for the risk which accompanies those hazards.


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