Confine Space Entry Hoist: What is Used for and Types

Confine space entry hoists

Confine space entry hoists are designed for manhole and confined space entry, retrieval, and rescue applications. We have portable hoist systems designed for quick and easy set-up, to permanent installations intended for frequent use.

There are different types of confine space entry hoists, i will highlight some of them.

Types of Confine Space Entry Hoist

Generally, a confined space entry hoist can usually be divided into either:

  1. A vertical entry-type system or
  2. A horizontal type.

Entering confined spaces such as a manhole on a street, vertical confined space rescue equipment is needed. Some confined spaces require entry from the side such as a tank, and for these, you will need a side-entry or horizontal type confined space safety equipment.​

Other Types of Confined Space Hoists

We have other confine space entry hoists like:

1. Fall Protection 2-Way 60′ Cable & 8′ Tripod Confined Space Winch Kit

It raises, lowers, and supports workers. It has the following features:

  • Durable construction includes an adjustable, lightweight aluminum tripod
  • Equipped with a dual pulley system for multi-line entry, egress, and rescue
  • Features (2)–integral anchorage eyebolts for auxiliary devices and 2-stage extruded aluminum legs
  • 8:1 gear ratio and bidirectional brake ensure smooth operation and worker safety
  • Kit includes an adjustable tripod, 60′ man-rated winch with galvanized steel cable, mounting bracket, and (2)–carry bags
  • Offers 5′-8′ adjustability

2. MSA Workman Rescuer, Stainless Steel Cable, 50′

Retrieval capability allows the fallen worker to ascend or descend to a safe location.

  • User capacity up to 400 lbs. for personnel
  • Galvanized or stainless steel 3/16″ wire rope
  • Integral mounting bracket
  • Color-coded switch for retrieval mechanism activation
  • An ergonomic, stainless steel carrying handle can also be used as an anchorage connection point
  • Built-in shock absorber
  • Robust aluminum housing with thermoplastic bumpers
  • Self-locking swivel snap hook with load indicator
  • Stow-able, foldable crank handle
  • RFID-enabled

There are lots of confine space entry hoists, check one out through the link below:

Check Here

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