5 Common mistakes drivers make on the road

Common mistakes drivers make on the road

In this article, I will highlight the “7 Common mistakes drivers make on the road“.

If you are a drivers or an aspiring driver, whether private or commercial, there are is much to learn from this article.

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5 Common mistakes drivers make on the road

  1. Speed is sign of professionalism: Speed does not prove who is a professional driver. Though speed is a variable, we should obey the law of speed. In one of my previous article “What is SPEED – How do i know am over-speeding“, I explained the concept of speed. You can read it to understand what speed is all about.
  2. Expecting the other driver to do the right thing: If you expect the other driver to do the right thing; like giving you your right of way, then be prepared for the next crash. Never expect the other driver to do the right thing.
  3. The traffic light shows green, am to proceed: The traffic light showing green, is not just telling you PROCEED; it is telling you proceed if the road is clear and with caution. This implies that, if you feel/believe that the road is not clear and not safe to proceed, you should not move even though the traffic light shows green. See “Correct meaning of the colours of the traffic light“.
  4. Not slowing down at pedestrian cross point: At every pedestrian cross point, the pedestrian are to be given preference; this means that all vehicles are to slow down to be sure there is no pedestrian passing or stop for any pedestrian they meet at the pedestrian cross point. This particular road sign tends to be the most abused.
  5. Entering a major road from a minor road without due caution: When entering a major road from a minor road, you should exhibit due caution and give preference to anyone on the major road; this is stipulated in the road traffic law.
  6. Not giving preference to someone on the roundabout: At any point, someone on the roundabout has the right of way. This is where the traffic rule which says – Give way to traffic on your left apply.
  7. Claiming right on the road: In as much as you know your right on the road, sometimes you need to let it go to safe yourself and other road users; this is the concept of defensive driving. “Defensive driving course plan with training materials“.

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