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Why Proper Testing is Key to Military’s Use of Combat Technologies?

The military’s use of combat technologies is important to the protection of personnel and the success of operations. These innovations include communication systems, weapons, and protective gear, among others. However, to ensure that these technologies execute as intended, the means of proper testing is key.

Here are some keynotes on why proper testing is important to the military’s use of combat technologies:

Understanding development and deployment

It is essential to understand the importance of testing in the development and deployment of combat technologies. You must know that the military operates in high-stress environments where the failure of a technology could have dire consequences, including injury or loss of life. The only way to ensure that the technologies perform as expected in these environments is by testing. Proper testing enables the identification of any defects or shortcomings in the technology, which can then be addressed before it is put into use. In other words, proper testing is a critical step in the quality assurance process.



Determining the technology’s interoperability with other systems is a crucial component of proper testing. For instance, a weapon system might be effective when deployed alone but incompatible with other military communication or weapon systems. In order to ensure that the technology interacts easily with other systems and does not cause any operational concerns, proper testing helps to uncover these compatibility issues.

Proper testing leads to proper solutions

In the context of the 3M earplug lawsuits, proper testing was vital to the military’s use of these earplugs. The 3M Company manufactured earplugs that were designed to protect military personnel from hazardous noise levels. However, it was later discovered that the earplugs were defective and did not provide the level of protection they were supposed to. This led to a large number of lawsuits against 3M, with much military personnel alleging that they suffered hearing damage as a result of using the earplugs.

The 3M earplug lawsuits emphasize the importance of proper testing in the military’s use of combat technologies. In this case, the earplugs were not adequately tested, and as a result, they failed to provide the level of protection that they were supposed to. If proper testing had been carried out, the defects in the earplugs would have been identified and addressed, preventing the hearing damage experienced by much military personnel.


Reliability and longevity

It is also worth mentioning that proper testing helps to ensure the reliability and longevity of combat technologies. The military relies on these technologies to perform effectively for an extended period, and proper testing helps to ensure that the technologies are capable of performing their intended function over time. In contrast, poorly tested technologies are more likely to fail or experience degradation over time, which can have dire consequences in high-stress environments.

Informed decisions

Last but not the least, the means of proper testing helps to ensure that the military is making informed decisions about the deployment of combat technologies. The results of testing provide critical information about the performance and reliability of a technology, which then the military can use to determine whether or not to deploy it. In the absence of proper testing, the military may make decisions about deployment based on incomplete or inaccurate information, which can lead to serious problems in the field.


In conclusion, thorough testing is essential to the military’s use of combat technologies because it ensures the efficiency, compatibility, longevity, and reliability of these technologies and gives the military the knowledge it needs to make deployment decisions. The military can make sure that its soldiers have the technologies they need to do their tasks successfully and securely by investing in appropriate testing.

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