Chemical Safety – 6 Very Useful Chemical Safety Tips

In this article we will be considering “Chemical Safety”


First of all – What is Chemical Safety?


I came across this definition:

Chemical safety is the application of the best practices for handling chemicals and chemistry processes to minimize risk, whether to a person, facility, or community. It involves understanding the physical, chemical, and toxicological hazards of chemicals.

The above definition explains what the subject matter is all about. Since the risk posse by chemicals cannot be ignored, it is pertinent to imbibe safety precautions in the use of chemicals.

However, I can also define chemical safety to be:

The act of implementing necessary safety precautions in the production, storage, transportation and usage of chemical in order to eliminate or mitigate the risk it could pose to human health and the environment.


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Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA)

This is abbreviated as (CSA), it is the evaluation of all available relevant information in order to assess risks arising from the manufacture and use of a substance. The CSA covers:

  • Assessment of the human health hazard
  • Human health hazard assessment of physicochemical properties
  • Assessment of the environmental hazard

At the end of this assessment, a report will be produced to guide on the safe use of the chemical. This report is mostly captured in the material safety data sheet.


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In conclusion, let us see some very useful tips that should be applied in the use of chemicals.

6 Very Useful Chemical Safety Tips

  • Employers must be acquainted with the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) of all chemicals, and also make it available to users of the chemical.
  • Users of each chemical should be trained on the safe use of the chemical.
  • First aid equipment/materials should be available in case of emergency discharge.
  • First aider should be trained and be available on site in case of any emergency.
  • Welfare facilities should be provided within the area where hazardous chemicals are used.
  • Personal protective equipment should be provided for safe use of chemicals.


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