17 Major Causes Of Fire You Should Know And Avoid

I will highlight “17 Major causes of fire”.

Fire emergency is not something you should wish your enemy.


Our best option is not to fight fire, but to prevent it. Understanding the major causes of fire will guide us on how best we can prevent fire outbreak.

Here are the “17 Major causes of fire you should know”

  1. Dropping cigarettes butts carelessly
  2. Overloading extension sockets
  3. Allowing careless flying sparks
  4. Poor electrical connections
  5. Burnt food – Unattended food in the kitchen
  6. Dropping matches sticks careless after use
  7. Uncontrolled Fire – It may burn unto available fuels and turn into an inferno.
  8. Poor or no lubrication for rotating vehicular parts causing intense friction and heat generation.
  9. Un-attended spillage; like oil or fuel spillage.
  10. Not shutting down engine before refuel – May be vehicle engine or generator engine.
  11. Careless use of candles
  12. Using mobile phones around gas saturated areas.
  13. Vehicular exhaust released in gas saturated areas – Watch out for vehicle restricted areas.
  14. Un-Noticed gas leak.
  15. Excess electrical power supply from electrical power station. This is why you should switch off your electrical appliances before you leave the house.
  16. Thunder strikes without thunder arrestor (Earthing)
  17. Allowing kids to play with matches and lighters.


All the above mentioned can result to serious fire emergency with fatal effects.

Hence, we should avoid all these acts as much as possible.

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