Who Is Responsible For Conducting A Hazard Assessment

Who Is Responsible For Conducting A Hazard Assessment

Hazard assessment is a very important aspect of hazard management and control, but “Who is responsible for conducting a hazard assessment“. This is what we will be considering in a short while. In ensuring a safe and secure work environment, conducting a hazard assessment is a crucial step. But who is responsible for this important … Read more

How To Become IOSH Licensed Health and Safety Training Provider

How To Become IOSH Licensed Health and Safety Training Provider

Are you interested in delivering the IOSH courses? If yes, you must first become a IOSH Licensed Health and Safety Training Provider. In the course of this article, I will guide you on “How To Become IOSH Licensed Health and Safety Training Provider“, the routes to follow. But before we continue, lets have a brief … Read more

How To become A Member of IIRSM (International Institute of Risk & Safety Management)

How To become A Member of IIRSM

I will tell you why you may be interested in becoming a member of IIRSM. Before then lets a brief overview of what IIRSM is all about. About IIRSM IIRSM is an educational charity and professional body for those managing risk in all its forms. Delivering public benefit As an educational charity, public benefit is … Read more

ISO 7101: Healthcare Management; Delivering Quality To The Health Industry

ISO 7101

  Healthcare administrators today find themselves at the forefront of a demanding and transformative field, where the pursuit of excellence in patient care is non-negotiable. In a health industry landscape facing evolving regulations, escalating costs and an increasing emphasis on patient outcomes, the need for effective management of quality in healthcare organizations has never been … Read more

Guide For Visual Inspection of Tower Cranes To Ensure Safety

Visual Inspection of Tower Cranes

Visual inspection of tower cranes is a critical part of ensuring their safety and functionality. Visual inspection is a technique for detecting defects using the naked eye to ensure equipment is working properly or there is no physical defect. Visual inspection is one of the oldest and most straightforward methods of inspection. As a result, … Read more

Safety Case: 15 Things You Should Take Into Consideration

Safety Case

Writing a safety case for a high-risk industry is a critical task that involves documenting and justifying the safety measures and procedures in place to ensure the safety of people, the environment, and assets. In layman’s terms, it is a written document demonstrating a corporation’s capacity to safely operate a facility and its ability to … Read more

Workplace Violence Prevention Programs

Workplace Violence Prevention Programs

What Is Workplace Violence Prevention Programs¬† A workplace violence prevention program is a set of policies, procedures, and practices designed to reduce and mitigate the risk of violence occurring in the workplace. Such programs are essential to creating a safe and secure work environment for employees. Workplace violence prevention program posses some key components, they … Read more

Factor Of Safety: What Is It And What Is It Purpose?

Factor Of Safety

Factor of safety is a numerical value applied to the design or analysis of structures, systems, or components to ensure their safety and reliability. Factor of Safety otherwise known as Safety Factor is a metric that is widely employed in the engineering, construction and other industries where performance and safety are of paramount importance. It … Read more