13 Safe Exercise Routines

Safe Exercise Routines

Exercise is any physical activity that elevates the heart rate above resting values. It is crucial for maintaining both mental and physical well-being. Regular exercise offers a wide range of advantages for the body and mind, regardless of the type of activity performed. Low-intensity activities like walking are just as beneficial as high-intensity ones like … Read more

37 Essential Water Safety Guidelines

Water Safety Guidelines

Activities involving water offer a great deal of happiness and leisure time, but there are risks involved. To avoid mishaps and preserve lives, it’s essential to comprehend and follow water safety guidelines in both natural and swimming pools. We will highlight 21 crucial water safety guidelines in this article to encourage a safety-conscious mindset around … Read more

20 Crucial Safe Travel Tips You Should Never Ignore

Safe Travel Tips

We can discover new locations and cultures while traveling, which is a thrilling and rewarding experience that leaves us with priceless memories. But the most important thing should always be to make sure you travel safely. Taking safety precautions is essential whether you are an experienced traveler or a first-timer in order to protect yourself … Read more

Firefighter: Duties and Minimum Qualification

Firefighter Duties and Minimum Qualification

A firefighter is a highly trained and dedicated professional responsible for responding to fires and various emergencies to protect life, property, and the environment. Their primary duties involve extinguishing fires, rescuing people and animals, and providing medical assistance. Their roles include: Fire Suppression: Firefighters are trained to use various firefighting equipment, such as hoses, water … Read more

Slips, Trips and Falls: The Underrated Dangers of Working on the Rails

The Underrated Dangers of Working on the Rails

Astutis‘ Technical Director investigates the risks of the rail industry and recommends the NEBOSH General Certificate as a perfect antidote for safety. The rail industry has always been an integral part of the transportation network, providing an efficient and reliable means of moving people and goods across vast distances. However, with the benefits of rail … Read more

10 Occupational Factors That Affect Health And Safety In The Workplace

Occupational Factors That Affect Health And Safety In The Workplace

Occupational factors that affect health and safety in the workplace are mainly job related factors. It covers job design, job plan, job schedule, job procedure, welfare structure, management structure, etc. In this article, we will discuss some important occupational factors that affect health and safety in the workplace. Before we move ahead, let us have … Read more

Exploring the Safety Pyramid: A Comprehensive Overview

Safety Pyramid

As a little overview, the safety pyramid was created by H. W. Heinrich, about 88years ago. The Safety Pyramid compares the frequency of different types of incidents, ranging in severity from generally unsafe behaviors and hazards, to incidents that end in serious injuries or fatalities. It offers a ratio formula that encouraged safety professionals to … Read more