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Mandatory signs and their meanings

Mandatory signs
Mandatory signs What are mandatory signs They are safety signs used to pass information on what is required in a particular area to stay safe, it...

Emergency evacuation plan + PDF Template & Checklist

Emergency evacuation plan
Emergency evacuation plan is a written document which draws out the best, safest and fastest way of escape for persons in any premises in case...

Direct and indirect costs of workplace accidents

Direct and indirect costs of workplace accidents
Accident is one thing that everyone tries to prevent either consciously or unconsciously as it comes with lots of negative impacts (Direct and indirect...

What is a “STOP” program in HSE

STOP program in HSE
The “STOP” program in HSE is a behavioral based safety program designed to prevent injuries and occupational illnesses in the workplace. “STOP” in the...

What is Hazard and Effect Management Process (HEMP)

What is Hazard and Effect management Process (HEMP)
What is Hazard and Effect Management Process (HEMP) WHAT IS HEMP HEMP is an acronym for Hazard and Effect Management Process. It is the heart of...

What is Safe Working Load (SWL)

Safe Working Load
What is Safe Working Load (SWL) It is sometimes stated as the Normal Working Load (NWL) is the maximum safe force that a piece of...

13 Reasons why workplace safety is very important

Why safety is important
Importance of safety I believe there is no one who does not appreciate the word SAFETY; even with very little understanding about it. Safety as its...

How to check your hard hat expiry date & criteria for...

Hard hat expiry date There is no legal requirement for hard hat expiry date as it varies based on the condition of each work site. As...

What KPI stands for in Health and Safety (HSE)

KPI stands for
KPI stands for - Key Performance Indicator. It is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively an organization is achieving key objectives. This objectives can...

What is a near miss? Near miss examples

Near miss
What is a near miss A near miss is an incident which results to no injury, no damage to property/equipment/machinery, and no environmental effect but...