Key Difference Between FLASH POINT And FIRE POINT

Difference Between FLASH POINT And FIRE POINT

Difference between FLASH POINT and FIRE POINT We are going to consider two parameters in this article; FLASH POINT and FIRE POINT.   These two (2) parameters have been mixed up a times. This article will point out the significant difference between the two.   Firstly, What is a flash point: This is the lowest … Read more

Foam Fire Extinguishers And How They Are Use

Foam fire extinguisher

Foam fire extinguishers are one of the most common types of fire extinguisher, and are generally used for fires involving flammable solids and liquids. Foam fire extinguishers create a cooling blanket effect, smothering burning materials and preventing re-ignition. It is not for use on chip pan fires unless they are described specifically as class F … Read more

Fire Safety Plan & PDF Template

Difference Between FLASH POINT And FIRE POINT

Fire safety plan helps to ensure effective utilization of life safety features in a building/workplace to protect people from fire. It prevents the occurrence of fire by the control of fire hazards in the building, ensures operation of fire protection systems by establishing maintenance procedures, and provides a systematic method of safe and orderly evacuation … Read more

Fire Extinguisher Expiry Date

Difference Between FLASH POINT And FIRE POINT

This question is asked by many people.   It is true that expiry dates are not stamped on the fire extinguisher, but does fire extinguisher expiry date exist? The answer is No   Fire Extinguisher Expiry Date Fire extinguisher does not have an expiry date, but not having an expiry date does not mean it … Read more