Monday, October 3, 2022

Fire Assembly Point – Legal Requirement & Placement

A fire assembly point is a location where staff and visitors can gather in the event of a fire to ensure everyone is in...

Fire Extinguisher Sizes For Different Classes Of Fire Extinguisher

The fire extinguisher sizes are the numbers written alongside the fire extinguisher classification letters. This tells the size of the fire extinguisher. Example, for the...
Muster Point

What Is A Muster Point (All You Need To Know)

Muster Point A muster point is considered as the safest place during emergency, where every occupant of the job premises are expected to assemble for...

What Is A Riser Room?

Riser Room It is a technical room (a control room) where the fire riser/sprinkler is set-up and controlled from. It is also said to be...

What Is A Fire Riser

Fire riser is a component of the fire suppression system. It is a pipe connected to a pressurized water source which supplies water to...
P.A.S.S Fire Safety

P.A.S.S Fire Safety (How to Use Fire Extinguisher)

P.A.S.S fire safety technique is the simplest technique which can be adopted to extinguish fire at the infant level. In the event of a...

What Do The Symbols On A Fire Extinguisher Indicate

What Do The Symbols On A Fire Extinguisher Indicate - The label on your fire extinguisher indicates how effective the extinguisher will be in fighting...