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When Do You Think You Need A Bump Cap

Bump Cap is appropriate ONLY for work situations which do not require ANSI compliant head protection.

As the name implies, the bump cap helps reduce exposure to bump on the head which could result to lacerations and abrasions and other minor head injuries.

It is built around a padded, impact-resistant plastic shell, it is less obtrusive than a hard hat, looks like a basic ball cap, and is designed to provide comfortable, lightweight protection against worker-generated impact.


Who Should Use A Bump Cap

  • Mechanics
  • Airline workers
  • In-home service employees
  • Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Food Processing

Generally, it can be used by anyone where hard hat is not required.

Difference Between Bump Cap And Hard Hat

  • Bump caps protect against small impacts that a worker may incur when bumping into or knocking against a stationary object, while hard hats offer additional protection against falling or moving objects.
  • Hard hat is made of rigid material such as metal or fiberglass to protect the wearer when working in places where debris and falling objects cause a potential risk while bump cap is built around a padded, impact-resistant plastic shell.
  • Bump caps are not ANSI- approved.
  • Hard hat are used in high risk area.


You can acquire your bump cap here

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