What Is The Best OSHA 30 Online Course?

Many employers now require their employees to complete OSHA 30 training and obtain OSHA certification. Find the best OSHA 30 online courses for you by looking at the ones listed below.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is also known as OSHA basic and advanced safety and health hazards are covered in OSHA training.


Best OSHA 30 Online Course

OSHA 30-hour training is permitted for all of the providers on the following list of Best OSHA 30 Online Course. Below, choose the option that works best for you.

Being one of the most user-friendly online training sites, OSHA Online Center is also one that provides online OSHA training. Additionally, candidates can opt for OSHA 30-Hour and OSHA 10-Hour for both Construction and General Industries. 

The OSHA Online Center offers a range of affordable online training courses designed to meet the need to comply with OSHA in various industries. Prices for these courses start at $70 for the OSHA 10-Hour online course and go up to $150 for the OSHA 30-Hour course. 

Choice 1: OSHA 30-Hour Construction Course ($150) 

This course dispenses a comprehensive knowledge of site safety and its hazards on candidates according to the OSHA Standard – 29 CFR 1926 Standard. The OSHA 30-Hour Construction online also educates candidates on taking appropriate and practical safety measures against any worksite hazards. Additionally, listed below are this course’s features: 

  1. Completely Online 
  2. 24/7 Accessibility on All Devices
  3. Easy-to-Understand Content
  4. No Classroom Attendance Required
  5. Downloadable certificate of completion, which can be printed easily 
  6. Official OSHA/DOL Card 
  7. Group Discounts for companies

Choice 2: OSHA 10-Hour Construction Course  ($70)

This course gives a general overview of site safety and highlights common hazards present at every active worksite. The OSHA 10-Hour Construction online also introduces candidates to OSHA and its Standards while educating them about basic yet effective work safety techniques. Moreover, listed below are some features of this course: 

  1. Can be taken anywhere at anytime
  2. Updated Course Content 
  3. Easily Accessible Nationwide  
  4. Self-paced 
  5. Easily downloadable certificate of completion 
  6. OSHA/DOL Card 
  7. Bulk Discounts for companies

Their courses are well-designed and simple to use. 360 Training has numerous study options and some of the best pricing available.

Candidates can receive training in the OSHA courses construction 10-hour, construction 30-hour, general industry 10-hour, and general industry 30-hour through 360 OSHA Training.

The 10-hour courses offered by 360 Training cost $64, while the 30-hour courses cost $150. Find out more about their specific OSHA courses by reading the following.

Choice 1: OSHA 30-Hour Construction ($150). The OSHA 30-Hour Construction training course will instruct individuals on how to establish a safety culture and cut down on accidents on the job. A look at OSHA’s construction standards in 29 CFR 1926 and some best practices for policies and procedures will be covered in this course. Additionally, the course will discuss typical construction site dangers. The following are some of the course’s features:

Covers safety measures under OSHA 29 CFR 1926. This course is best suited for construction foremen, supervisors, and safety directors. It is 100% online, has access around the clock, has up-to-date content, can be taken at your own pace, and is accredited by the DOL.

2nd Choice: OSHA 30-Hour General Industry ($150) The OSHA 30-Hour General Industry training course will instruct individuals on how to establish a workplace safety culture. After completing the OSHA 30 online course, participants will acquire knowledge of workplace health and safety programs as well as their management.

Safety procedures, workplace hazards, and industrial hygiene are also covered in the course.

This course is best suited for safety directors, foremen, and field supervisors because it is entirely online, has 24/7 access, is self-paced, and covers safety measures under OSHA 29 CFR 1910. It also includes updated content and an official Department of Labor card. Manufacturing, distribution, and health care are a few examples of industries where this course would be beneficial to individuals.

Bottom line: 360 Training is a one-stop shop for OSHA 30-hour training. Their courses are well-designed and simple to use. With competitive pricing and a variety of options, 360 Training is one of the best OSHA training providers available.

An official Department of Labor card will be issued to students who have successfully completed their coursework. 360 Training is a great option if you want to take your OSHA 30 online.


Online OSHA Outreach Training with 360training

Course Topics Comparison

Module 1:Introduction to OSHAIntroduction to OSHA
Module 2:Managing Safety and HealthManaging Safety and Health
Module 3:OSHA Focus Four HazardsWalking and Working Surfaces, including Fall Protection
Module 4:Personal Protective Equipment Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention Plans, and Fire Protection
Module 5:Health Hazards in ConstructionElectrical
Module 6:Stairways and LaddersPersonal Protective Equipment
Module 7:Concrete and Masonry ConstructionMaterials Handling
Module 8:Confined SpacesHazard Communication
Module 9:Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, Elevators, and ConveyorsHazardous Materials (Flammable and Combustible Liquids, Spray Finishing, Compressed Gases, Dipping and Coating Operations)
Module 10:ErgonomicsPermit-Required Confined Spaces
Module 11:ExcavationsLookout / Tagout
Module 12:Fire Protection and PreventionMachine Guarding
Module 13:Materials Handling, Use, and DisposalWelding and Cutting
Module 14:Motor Vehicles, Mechanized Equipment, and Marine OperationsIntroduction to Industrial Hygiene
Module 15:Safety and Health ProgramsBloodborne Pathogens
Module 16:ScaffoldsErgonomics
Module 17:Tools – Hand and PowerFall Protection
Module 18:Welding and CuttingSafety and Health Programs
Module 19:Silica ExposureOSHA Recordkeeping
Module 20:Lead ExposureProcess Safety Management
Module 21:Asbestos ExposureAsbestos in Workplace
Module 22:Scaffolding
Module 23:Hazwoper



Summit Training is another OSHA 30-approved online training provider. Summit Training is authorized to offer the OSHA courses general industry 10-hour, general industry 30-hour, construction 10-hour, and general industry 30-hour.

The 10-hour courses offered by Summit Training cost $70, while the 30-hour courses cost $150. Find out more about their specific OSHA courses by reading the following.

Choice 1: OSHA 30-Hour Construction ($150) The OSHA 30-Hour Construction course will teach you how to identify, avoid, and prevent hazards in the workplace. In comparison to the 10-hour construction course, the topics covered in this course will be more advanced. Foremen, supervisors, and safety directors in the construction industry should take this OSHA 30 training course. The course includes the following features:

  • Completely online
  • Study guides
  • Certificate that can be printed right away
  • Official OSHA hard card
  • Group discounts

Choice 2: OSHA 30-Hour General Industry ($150) offers the same training as the 30-Hour Construction course, with the exception that the topics covered are not centered on the construction industry but rather other industries like healthcare, distribution, and manufacturing. This course includes the following features:

  • Study guides that can be downloaded immediately
  • An official OSHA hard card
  • Discounts for groups

The conclusion is that Summit Training is one of the few authorized providers of OSHA 30 training. When compared to the other top providers, their courses are reasonably priced. Every possible option is covered in an OSHA 30 online class offered by Summit Training.

Users will be able to print their certificates as soon as they finish the course and will also receive an OSHA card in the mail.


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Pure Safety is authorized to offer the OSHA 10-hour construction, 30-hour construction, and general industry 10-hour courses.

Pure Safety is hampered by the fact that they are not permitted to provide training for the 30-hour general industry course. The 10-hour courses offered by Pure Safety cost $69, while the 30-hour courses cost $159. Find out more about their specific OSHA courses by reading the following.

Choice 1: OSHA 30-Hour Construction ($159). This OSHA 30-hour construction course is comparable to the others. It will concentrate on advanced workplace hazards topics. Foremen, supervisors, and safety directors in the construction industry are the target audience for this course. This course includes the following features:

  • Completely online
  • Self-paced
  • Official Department of Labor card
  • 24-hour access to the course

In conclusion, Pure Safety provides solid OSHA 30 training. They are authorized to offer online OSHA 30 classes. Their courses are reasonably priced and will satisfy all of your requirements.

Pure Safety is not authorized to provide OSHA 30 training for general industry; if you require this training, you should choose one of the other two options.


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Here is a tabular depiction:

OSHA 30 Training Courses360 TrainingSummit TrainingPure Safety
OSHA 30 Pricing$150$150$159
Course Format100% Online100% Online100% Online


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