Basic safety training you should acquire

Basic safety training

Basic safety training covers basic knowledge about safety in any particular field; be it construction, mining, oil and gas, ICT, manufacturing, textile, energy, etc.

This basic safety training is not only for health and safety professionals, but for every worker in this specialized sector.

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Some of the basic safety training includes:

  • General safety
  • Basic fire fighting,
  • Elementary first aid,
  • Personal survival techniques, and
  • Personal safety and social responsibility
  • BOSIET, etc.

Though this list of some basic safety training is inconclusive, these are the major and basic training you need in most establishment; there may also be other training based on the establishment.

The aim of these training is to prepare all workers to react positively in case of any eventuality on the course of disposing their duties.

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Some of this training are organized by employers for their newly employed staff while some establishment considers some of this training as a criteria for employment.

Hence, if you are a job seeker, acquiring some of these training may boost your chance of getting employed.

Also, employers who play down on the need for this training should embrace it importance and integrate it into their induction plan.


If you have decided to enroll for some of these basic safety training, see some good course providers you can enroll with here


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