What Is The Basic Qualification For NEBOSH

What is the basic qualification for NEBOSH?


Are you one of the persons asking this question?


Do not get confused, NEBOSH is not like an institute where you need to have basic qualification before you are admitted; NEBOSH is a professional body.


There is no basic qualification set by NEBOSH before you write NEBOSH exams; No one will ask you that.

At this point, it is needful to know that NEBOSH do not enroll anyone for its examination, enrollment is only done by approved NEBOSH course providers.

It is based on the discretion of the course providers that your basic qualification is asked. This is not asked in order to disqualify you, it is just for them to know your professional level, to see how to help you.

Also, based on the course provider’s discretion, they can advise that you complete some basic training before enrolling for NEBOSH.


All these are just avenue to check if you are prepared or if you have the professional background to pass the exams.

Enrolling for NEBOSH exams cost money, so you wouldn’t want to spend such amount of money, then fail.


Finally, the question: What is the basic qualification for NEBOSH?


Answer: There is no basic qualification for NEBOSH exams

What you need is your money and a good professional background to pass the exams. No one sets a minimum qualification for you.

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