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Specially designed mobility chairs are indispensable to folks with severe injuries, disabilities, or weak bones. It can give them independence, enabling them to get around freely without much assistance and get some essential work done.


Moreover, customised heavy duty wheelchairs are crucial for people who weigh more than usual, ensuring they are comfortable and move around without worrying about balance issues. They are also great for people who cannot walk long distances but otherwise do not have any gait problems.


People who are thinking of buying these products for the first time can refer to the ensuing information to know more about them.


How Do They Differ from Other Chairs?


Wheelchairs are among the fastest-growing mobility devices in demand, with an increasing number of people opting for comfort over the inconvenience of walking on weak or injured legs. These ergonomic tools can help people lead more independent and pain-free lives, ensuring they enjoy all the comforts that mobile folks can do completely.


But what is the difference between a bariatric chair and an ordinary one?


In simple terms, it is a seat meant for people typically larger (or taller) and heavier than ordinary folks. It has more strength, weight capacity, sturdy material, and durability than regular chairs since users demand more out of it. The reinforced design and wider seats ensure people can snugly sit for long hours in it without any pain in the back, neck, or knees.


The footrests are more extensive, giving individuals more room to rest their feet and prevent them from slipping off. Moreover, various seats have different adjustability features, allowing users to adjust to their specific requirements. This may not be possible in an ordinary model meant for regular-sized people.


Who Can Use Them?


These devices can be used by any individual with movement issues, making it easy for them to move around comfortably. In other words, anyone over a hundred pounds and a body mass index above thirty their average weight can use these specialised chairs.


Generally, experts recommend that overweight and aged people with cardiovascular trouble, osteoarthritis, and cardiopulmonary issues use these portable devices to get around without discomfort. However, even those with severe musculoskeletal or neuromuscular problems, like Multiple Sclerosis or Huntington’s, can use them.


The primary idea is to give mobility to people with severe health ailments.


Vital Features to Consider


First-time buyers must carefully consider several key aspects of the device to determine the most suitable one. The following points are some of the fundamental features to begin with.


  • Material – Typically, a thick steel frame is the best choice as it is remarkably robust and can easily handle excess body weight without bending unexpectedly. Light steel is a good alternative for those who weigh a bit less, allowing them to get around quickly.
  • Seat – Ordinary models generally have seat widths that range from sixteen to eighteen inches. But a heavy-duty one can have a much more comprehensive range, approximately twenty to thirty inches. Excellent ones come with high-quality nylon upholstery that makes the seat more comfortable.
  • Adjustability – A reliable device must have an adjustable backrest, and removable leg rests that enable users to modify the seating position according to their needs.
  • Axle – Ideally, the axle location should be more toward the front wheels as it can be challenging to push overweight people in the chair with their weight falling on the back axles.
  • Safety – An unsteady portable product can cause grave injuries to the occupant if it tips over. Invariably, a safe chair must incorporate anti-tip or anti-fall features such as rollers to prevent the device from suddenly falling over.
  • Extra Features – Look for additional ergonomics like heel straps, robust tyres, powder coat finish, foldable frame, quick release, comfortable armrests, back flaps, etc.


Where to Buy?


You can buy some of the best quality heavy duty wheelchairs from reputable online retailers at affordable prices. These are industry experts with unbeatable experience in providing faultless mobility aids for individuals, hospitals, aged care facilities, and other institutions. Many provide free delivery over purchases worth $250 in certain areas, making it easy for people with tight budgets to buy essential products within a reasonable price range.


Furthermore, these professionals sell basic mobility aid necessities in bulk, such as walking sticks and frames, crutches, and bariatric seat walkers. They also offer bedside rails, sensor alarms, turnover sheets, skin protectors, dining aids, bathroom aid essentials, etc. This makes it unbelievably easy for people to buy several things in one place at wholesale prices, saving a considerable amount of finances.


So, find a trustworthy online vendor, contact their support team for details if necessary, and buy from their catalogue of the best mobility aid products in the industry.



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