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9 Best Aviation Safety Management System Software

Solutions for risk, compliance, and safety are crucial in the aviation industry, this is why why we are considering “Aviation Safety Management System Software“.

The purpose of Aviation Safety Management Software is to enhance safety management, operational risk management, and compliance.


Lets get to the list of Aviation Safety Management System Software:


9 Best Aviation Safety Management System Software

  1. CrewNet:

This is used by Airlines to create, distribute, track, and manage their “read and receipt” notices and bulletins. It supports the entire notice and bulletin process.

These are its uniqueness:

Attachments can be in any format including video, images, voice, or hyperlink

  • Notices and bulletins are automatically distributed to the appropriate audience
  • Individual crew members are alerted to read mandatory notices and bulletins and must digitally acknowledge receipt
  • Real-time reports and dashboards highlight who has read and understood notices and bulletins
  • It ensures that all creation, audience control, approval, and distribution are self-administered by the airline.



  • Efficient Communication
  • Dramatically improves communication management
  • Simple User Interface
  • Easy and intuitive to use, reduces administrative and management time and delivers real operational cost savings
  • Measurably increases information take-up by all airline staff
  • Read & Receipt Compliance
  • Ensures the latest information has been received and understood
  • Robust System
  • Tried, tested and used by the world’s best airlines
  • Cloud-based so no need for IT infrastructure, additional servers or additional software licences
  • User Feedback Enhancements
  • New features and functionality continuously added based on the input of the global airline user base


2. DocuNet:

This is the most effective document distribution and management system available, making it the industry standard for airline document management. It can transfer all mission-critical content and your operational library to any platform. The service is currently utilized by more than 30 airlines and has expertise in supporting all aircraft types, including the Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, and Embraer fleets.

DocuNet is an efficient and effective document management system that is an essential component of the safety cycle. It combines cutting-edge technology with publishing expertise. The service serves as a crucial link between supporting procedural change and making sure that flight crew are aware of important operational changes and safety changes. This completes one step in the upward spiral of safety enhancements that leads to an even safer organization.

It was created as a service and software in one. It makes it easy and interactive for airlines to control the intellectual content of manuals. DocuNet is a technology, experience, and expertise bundle with a lot of features.

The software enhances your live operation with innovative features like web-based resolution of amendment and revision differences (also known as comparison tools) and an exceptional user experience with revision-resilient annotations, all while maintaining military-grade security.

It also helps airlines with the process of larger and more significant OEM manual amendments and regulatory changes. DocuNet’s team of XML experts can handle these mission-critical changes, whereas in-house teams may struggle with updating complicated XML structured documents. It helps you keep control of the documentation and overall operations in this way.

Most importantly, DocuNet will make manual maintenance, management, and distribution simpler, resulting in a return on investment and a safer, more efficient, and compliant airline.


3. Eauthority:

This is a leading safety oversight software in the aviation industry. The single management solution is designed to improve efficiency of internal staff while giving real-time information to the management on a multi-platform dashboard.

Due to its sophisticated architecture and user-friendly system, Eauthority is the most advanced application in the market today. It has the ability to extend it by means of integrating third-party applications like a Finance System, an ePayment gateway processor, ECCAIRS database, among others.

Its features are;

  • Empowering users to effectively accomplish their tasks and processing objectives with limited support from the IT department.
  • It is modular allowing you to choose the modules required for your authority.
  • It has customizable Interface
  • It is Multi-Lingual – provided in English, Spanish, French, Korean. Other languages can be added on request.
  • Highly flexible and configurable software reporting system.
  • Data migration from other digital information sources used by the company
  • Training can be tailored to clients needs e.g. online, onsite, on-the-job
  • On-site hosting or via the cloud depending on requirements.


4. Boeing Insight Accelerator:

This is a first-of-its-kind predictive maintenance solution which gives advanced analytics and customized alerting – all in an easy-to-use tool.

By analyzing QAR/CPL full flight data, users can derive prognostic insights and create alerting algorithms unique to their airline’s operation.

Boeing’s Insight Accelerator is an advanced cloud-based solution that gives your team the power to understand complex data, uncover insights, and make smarter maintenance decisions.


  • Easily manage and analyze full flight data with flexible DIY tools for faster insights
  • Automatically collect data from multiple integrated sources without manual and time-consuming data processing.
  • Quickly identify data trends and leading indicators of events
  • Create prognostic alerts through built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Use custom alerts to proactively measure part failure
  • Turn unscheduled maintenance events into scheduled ones
  • Reduce AOG (aircraft on ground) events
  • Increase on-time flights
  • Protect revenue
  • Maximize useful service life of aircraft
  • Increased Schedule Reliability
  • It is automated
  • It is secure as it supports cloud-based architecture with the highest level of security and privacy protection of sensitive flight data
  • Offers tailored access to a shared data set across an operation


5. EHS Software

This is a multi-featured web based application with user-friendly interface that has been designed and developed by leading EHS professionals. Its different modules provide synergistic benefits to any organization as it can manage real-time EHS records and compliances on fingertips. It is a cost-effective solution for organization of any size.


  • Inspection
  • Legal compliance
  • Workflows
  • Search
  • Analytical dashboards
  • Task management
  • Notification
  • Audit
  • Accident/incident near-miss



Air, land, or sea – operators around the globe rely on AIMS-ISR for multi-sensor control, geo-referenced moving maps, evidence reporting, SIGINT, custom mapping, and more – all with unprecedented flexibility & ease of integration.


  • It has interactive geo-referenced Moving Maps for planning, execution, and review of ISR mission data.
  • It shares ISR data products across the enterprise in real-time, or post-mission with rapid report generation.
  • It increases situational awareness with custom alerts utilizing a variety of rules to alert operators of specified actions or deviations.
  • Multi-Cue Lock tracking which automatically keeps the cameras, radars, and other sensors focused on the Targets of Interest.
  • Multi-Mission Radar which detects and tracks multiple targets across large areas directly in the Local Operating Picture (LOP) with full multi-mission radar support.
  • Real-time Communication & Collaboration

AIMS-ISR makes multi-station operator networks easy with real-time mission data sharing and client interfacing.


7. SafetyNet:

This is a reporting and investigation system for aviation safety that brings about real change in the management of aviation safety-related incidents.

8. QualityNet:

This is a comprehensive aviation compliance software. Through a user-friendly interface, QualityNet enables Quality Managers to manage audit schedules, checklists, and noncompliances.

9. RiskNet:

This is a cutting-edge aviation and change risk management solution that conducts hazard identification and investigation.

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