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Automatic Fire Extinguisher: How It Works & Types


Automatic fire extinguishers are designed to operate automatically when the a trigger threshold is met. The main trigger of this extinguisher is heat levels commonly associated with fire. They are majorly installed in unsupervised areas.


Difference Between Manual Fire Extinguisher And Automatic Fire Extinguisher

The main difference between them is that instead of squeezing the handle to operate as in manual fire extinguisher, the handle is replaced with a glass bulb. This bulb contains a heat sensitive liquid which expands when it gets hot. As soon as the liquid reaches a pre-determined temperature, the bulb bursts and the contents of the extinguisher go to work.


Types Of Automatic Fire Extinguishers

There are two major types of automatic extinguisher systems to choose from, and this will depend on the location and the type of fire which is most likely to happen. The types are:

  • Powder automatic extinguisher: This is widely used because it works in a wide range of fires.
  • This is majorly used in areas where electrical fires is prevalent since it can deal with the fire without causing damage to the expensive, sensitive high-tech equipment.


Automatic Fire Extinguisher Price And Where To Buy

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Though this type of fire extinguisher is expected to work automatically, there may be situations where they may be faulty, like lost of operating pressure, etc. So it requires regular checks on models fitted with pressure gauges to see that pressure is at the right level to make the extinguisher effective.

This product can come in different sizes:

  • 1kg
  • 2kg
  • 6kg
  • 10kg
  • 12kg

Automatic Fire Extinguisher Ball

This type of automatic extinguisher also detonates automatically, but it needs to be thrown into the fire. In this article, “Fire Extinguisher Ball – Elide Fire Ball and how it Works”, everything about the extinguisher ball is well explained.



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