Asbestos demolition survey; Purpose & Benefits

Asbestos demolition survey is one of the pre-demolition activities where buildings or premises to be demolished are assessed for asbestos containing materials (ACM) before the demolition activity commences.

Asbestos demolition survey is required where a premises or part of it need upgrading, refurbishment or demolition and it does not necessarily require a record of the condition of asbestos-containing materials (ACM).

The demolition asbestos survey is required under the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2012.

Asbestos Survey or Asbestos Screening involves a sampling and laboratory analysis of the materials used in building to accurately identify and quantify asbestos fibers in building materials.

For effective survey, the surveyor must be provided with the site layout, building plans, building specifications or architect’s drawings, and any history of asbestos work.  Point out your site hazards, including means of safe access to heights. Provide keys, etc.

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The purpose of surveying is to make materials assessment:

  1. To find ACM and record what it is, where it is and how much there is
  2. To record how accessible it is, its condition, and any surface treatment
  3. To record the asbestos type, by sampling or by presuming

Important of the asbestos survey

  1. It is to ensure that nobody will be harmed by work on ACM in the premises or equipment.
  2. To also ensure that such work will be done by the right contractor and in the right way.

At the end of the survey reports should state the location, presence and extent of asbestos-containing materials and debris. Although It does not assess the asbestos condition, the surveyor should mention any that is in a dangerous state.

The report should state where the surveyor or sampler did not survey or sample and it should be presume that areas that the surveyor has not accessed do contain asbestos.

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Asbestos in building

Below are key points you really need to know regarding Asbestos in Buildings:

  • Asbestos only becomes a problem once it’s disturbed and the fibres airborne.
  • Any building built prior to year 2000 can contain asbestos.
  • All non-domestic buildings must be subject to an asbestos survey.
  • There is a legal requirement to remove All asbestos materials prior to the building being refurbished.
  • Preventing exposure to asbestos dust will protect against related illness and fatal diseases.

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