Alberta urged to compensate farmers to make up costs of health and safety rules


A panel is recommending the Alberta government consider subsidizing farmers and ranchers to offset costs of new occupational health and safety rules.

Panel members say in a report to the province that the regulations may hurt the very viability of a farm operation.

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They say the province should look at tax rebates and grants as well as other initiatives to keep the industry competitive.

Employment Minister Christina Gray declined to comment on what the government might do.

She says she wants to wait for feedback from Albertans on the report over the next 11 weeks.

The government will then craft regulations for the operation of farms and ranches under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

“I will need to go back to the team and find out how long it might take to prepare a document like that,” Gray said.

Premier Rachel Notley’s government passed the legislation two years ago despite concerns from farm groups that the new rules would tie up farms in red tape and destroy the farm family way of life.

SOURCE: Global News



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