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ABC Fire Extinguisher: All You Need To Know

ABC fire extinguisher is a dry chemical extinguishing agent used on class A, class B, and class C fires. The ABC fire extinguisher contains dry chemical, usually a mixture of monoammonium phosphate and ammonium sulfate, the former being the active one. This type of fire extinguisher leaves a sticky residue after use that may be damaging to electrical appliances such as a computers.

The class ABC fires are fires involving:

  • Type A Fires: Fires involving woods, cloth, and paper;
  • Type B fires: Fires involving liquids, greases, and gases;
  • Type C Fires: Fires involving energized electrical equipment.

The class ABC extinguishers may be installed in laboratories, mechanical rooms, break rooms, chemical storage areas, offices, etc, where there is potential of class A,B or C fires.


Pros and Cons Of The ABC Fire Extinguisher


The advantage of the ABC multi-purpose fire extinguisher is it’s diverse application under multiple fire conditions.


The disadvantage is that the agent within this extinguisher is a dry powder and if discharged in a room with sensitive equipment the powder can damage the equipment and can be difficult to fully clean up and remove.

How the fire extinguisher works

ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers work by smothering the fire in a layer of powder, therefore eliminating the source of oxygen which means the fire can no longer burn.

How to identify the ABC extinguisher

Powder fire extinguishers that are manufactured to BS EN 3 should have a red body (Colour: RAL 3000) and a blue band covering 5-10% of the fire extinguishers surface area.

Check price below:

ABC Extinguisher price


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