5 Tips for road safety with kids

Travelling with kids could be risky, this is why you need this “Tips for road safety with kids”.

Here are the five (5) tips for road safety with kids;

  • While ridding with a your kid on a two wheeler, make them wear a helmet too.
  • When travelling with an infant on a two wheeler, use a sling.
  • Don’t sit side swaddled when travelling with kids.
  • For kids under two years, it is essential that you put them in a car sit in the car.
  • The correct way to install a car seat is in a rear facing position. You should continue this till the kid is up to two (2) years.

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Additionally, the FRSC (Federal Road Safety Commission) in Nigeria had highlighted ten (10) road safety tips for children – See below:

  1. Children should look left, look right then look left once again before crossing the road.

  2. Never run on roads.

  3. Use sidewalks and face the traffic.

  4. Walk fast when crossing the road.

  5. Make eye contact with the driver when crossing the road.

  6. Use the rear side of the passenger seat, when getting out.

  7. Avoid playing on roads without adult supervision.

  8. Wear helmets while riding bicycles. Ride bicycle only in the bicycle track.

  9. Wear bright clothes to increase your visibility on the road.

  10. Never wear earphones or listen to music while walking or riding their bicycle.

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