24 Important Table Saw Safety Precautions

Table saw safety precautions should be adopted any time the machine is used. As other machines, it makes the job easier and faster, but if not used properly, the table saw can be very dangerous.

This article will list major table saw safety precautions necessary while operating the machine.

24 Important Table Saw Safety Precautions

  1. Avoid wearing loose fitting clothing
  2. Avoid dangling jewelry or any other loose fitting material while operating a table saw.
  3. If you must wear long sleeves shirt, roll it up before cutting.
  4. Wear eye protection
  5. Wear ear protection
  6. Wear dust mask to be protected from saw dust.
  7. Never remove the blade guard from the saw.
  8. Don’t operate under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substances.
  9. Use the push stick to push the wood through when the wood is close to the cutting blade.
  10. Do not wear gloves while operating a table saw.
  11. Inspect the machine always before use.
  12. Be sure the power switch is off before the saw is plugged in.
  13. Check blade for tightness
  14. Use a table saw blade guard as much as possible.
  15. Use a stop block when you crosscut short lengths.
  16. Check that the stock has no nails, knots screw and stones prior to cutting into the wood.
  17. Never stack work pieces on the machine when cutting
  18. Never position your hands or fingers in the path of the table saw blade.
  19. Plan your cut always
  20. Maintain 100% focus when cutting
  21. Turn the table saw off and allow the blade to stop spinning before you pick up stock or scrap.
  22. Unplug the saw when you are changing the blade.
  23. Keep the table saw blade clean and sharp.
  24. Never use the table saw if you are not trained and certified to use it.

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Imbibe the above table saw safety precautions to ensure your safety when working with the machine.

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