13 Things you must not do on site


13 Things you must not do on site

Working on site is synonymous to being exposed to risks inherent on site. It may be a construction site, manufacturing site, production site, etc.

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“13 Things you must not do on site” is a general safety precautions which is not site specific; it is relevant in all site irrespective of the kind of site.

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Here are the “13 Things you must not do on site”.

  1. Never work on site without your PPE
  2. Do not throw a working material or any other thing into an obscure location.
  3. Do not re-fuel equipment when the power is still on.
  4. Never exceed the speed limit on site as a driver.
  5. Never lift load which exceeds your capacity manually.
  6. Never charge your phone inside the electric panel – Only in designated charging points.
  7. Never use equipment if not trained and certified to use it.
  8. Never abuse prohibited substances on site – Cannabis, alcohol, and other mental stimulants.
  9. Never ignore the concept of safe working load for all lifting equipment.
  10. Do not consider safety as “just a routine”, “a waste of time” or “just a religion”, take it serious because your life depends on it.
  11. Never lose focus on site, maintain 100% concentration.
  12. Never ignore any safety precaution.
  13. Never bank on luck; LUCK DO RUN OUT BUT SAFETY NEVER RUNS OUT.

Avoid carelessness and mistakes on site, because your FIRST CARELESSNESS/MISTAKE could be your last; you may not survive to tell the story.

STAY SAFE – People at home are waiting to receive you back ALIVE; Don’t disappoint them.

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