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What is a Cherry Picker & Essential Cherry Picker Safety Tips


Cherry picker safety tips is necessary for safe use of the cherry picker.

Cherry picker is a hydraulic crane which were originally designed to help cherry pickers harvest their crops, but now they’re used for numerous jobs across many industries, like raising and lowering people.

The cherry picker, like any other working equipment has its own risk which should be properly managed.

Note that, the cherry picker is one of the aerial working platform (Elevated working platform) used for height work. This implies that all the risk involved with working at height can be associated with the use of the cherry picker. There are elevated working platform safety regulations which guides the safe use of the equipment.


Cherry Picker Safety Tips

Safety precautions must be followed on the use of the cherry picker. Adequate safety precautions can only be determined after a proper risk assessment.

Here are some cherry picker safety precaution:

  • Risk assessment:

A comprehensive risk assessment must be carried out on the equipment to determine the safety precaution necessary.

  • Adequate training:

All employee’s working with or operating the cherry picker must undergo job specific training. This training will cover safe system of work when using the cherry picker, hazards associated with the cherry picker, and best way to manage the associated hazard.

  • Equipment Inspection

There should be a routine inspection plan for the equipment. This inspection must be carried out by a competent person. The time scale and depth of the inspection must be determined by the manufacturer or a competent person.

  • Ensure authorized use

The equipment must be operated by trained operator. Un-authorized used of the equipment must be discouraged.

  • Clear the ground below the cherry picker

People who aren’t operating the cherry picker are also at risk of being injured if tools or equipment aren’t properly secured and fall from the cherry picker. That’s why it’s important that the area around and beneath the cherry picker is properly cleared and cordoned off while the cherry picker is in use.

Other General Cherry Picker Safety Measures

  1. The cherry picker must be operated from a stable ground
  2. The equipment must not be operated near power-lines. If it must be operated near power-lines, safe clearance limit must be maintained.
  3. Necessary safety gears must be used when working with the equipment, like the hard hat, body harness, safety boots, etc.
  4. No component of the personnel carrier should be altered.
  5. Manufacturers safety instructions must be followed as much as possible.
  6. Damaged/fault to any parts of the equipment should be promptly reported and repairs effected before use.
  7. Never use the equipment when intoxicated with alcohol or any other intoxicating substances.
  8. Never overstretch from the working platform or try to use it for any other purpose other than what it was designed for.

Adopting cherry picker safety tips is the only reliable way to use the equipment safely.

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